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7 Ways To Boost Self Care When You’re Feeling Down


Many empty nest moms feel an almost instant loss, making them feel down and almost depressed. When this happened to me, I wasn’t interested in loving myself so much. I kind of let myself wallow in the pain of loneliness for a while.

But it got to the point that I would spend hours staring at a television but not really watching it and taking long naps throughout the day. I knew if I didn’t start caring about me and my needs I’d soon be in full blown depression… and believe me that’s one place I don’t want to return to.

I began taking simple steps each day to take care of myself.

Self care is a simple concept. We must eat, bathe, sleep. But it's a lot more than that. Click To Tweet

Self care is the back bone to how we feel about ourself. It’s what makes us care, gives us fulfillment, gets our passions flowing and helps us share love.  Someone who has lost their self-confidence, for example may have turned to food and gained weight, not caring how it makes them look. Or maybe they no longer care about getting their hair styled.

Self care is the most basic form of self love.

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Here are 7 ways I boost my self care when I’m feeling down.

    • Practice some kind of self care you normally wouldn’t. This could be as simple as taking a relaxing bath or reading a book just for fun. 
    • Do a detox on your physical, mental or digital self. For example, spend 24 hours without social media, computers, televison or any kind of digital outlet. 
    • Make a choice to do something healthy for a day. Take a long walk, join a gym, take up a sport you’ve always wanted to learn. Implement a new exercise routine or run with your dogs.

  • Use all your senses to get in touch with what is happening in each moment of your day. Be mindful of what you see, feel, hear, and taste.
  • Take time to be grateful for all you do have. So maybe you don’t have the kids at home, but you do still have a home, pets, career, friends. And be grateful you were able to raise a healthy, happy, confident child. That’s enough to give yourself a giant pat on the back.
  • Nourish your body with fresh ingredients. No candy, cakes, muffins or fried foods. Sorry all the good stuff has to be eliminated 😉 . Seek out the healthiest of options from fresh vegetables and fruits to non-processed options.
  • Fill your soul with passion and meaning. Meditate, pray, laugh, sing, dance or whatever fills you with joy. 

Have you been feeling down and letting your self-care go? I’d love to be able to help you begin implementing ways you can to start loving yourself even more. Let’s chat. Contact me here or join my Facebook group where we can talk. 

Hugs 🙂



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