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Holiday Blend Essential Oils Are The Perfect Gift For Empty Nest Women


I’ve been using essential oils to help me sleep and stay relaxed throughout the day for a while now and I absolutely love them. And they are the perfect gift for empty nest women.

There are several companies that sell essential oils. My newest favorite company is Rocky Mountain Oils.  Theirs are all natural.

(Disclaimer, some of the products I recommend I get reimbursed from through the company selling them such as Amazon.com)

I use mine at night in my diffuser for a peaceful nights sleep. The Peace and Quiet essential oil blend is especially soothing.

A drop of oil can also be applied to your hands and rubbed together to bring a sense of calm.


This Peace and Quiet Essential Oil Blend has a vanilla-lemony scent that is calming yet subtle. It brings a sense of peace and stillness to your day when used in a diffuser like I do. Or you can massage with it or apply it to your pulse points when meditating.

Peace and Quiet essential oil can help you releive feelings of isolation and low self-confidence while uplifting your mood. If you know of any empter nester who is struggling with feelings of isolation and low mood, this would be the perfect gift for her.


Another idea is to create scented greeting cards with them. Simply add a few drops of your favorited blend to your handmade or store bought cards for a personalized gift for your empty nester friends.

The Christmas Morning blend would be ideal for this. The kits includes the aromas of sweet candy canes, fresh pine trees or cinnamon, clove and orange blend.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to fill your home with the scents of the holiday without all the work?

Why not create a lovely gift basket filled with a diffuser, essential oils, lotions and chocolates. What woman wouldn’t enjoy receiving (and using) this!



Carol 🙂

P.S. Rocky Mountain essential oils is having their Cyber weekend sale going on right now. Get a great deal on oils you can share with your empty nest friends!


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