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Find Beauty From Gratitude

Beauty can be found in the Inspiring Thoughts that Guide us to Feel Gratitude.

I felt inspired today by the sunrise. I woke early to the sounds of the birds. With a cup of hot tea in hand I sat on my deck watching the sun peak over the horizon, turning the skies beautiful shades of red and gold.

The overwhelming sense of Gratitude that came over me at the site made me feel calm, that I can face a day filled with work, disappointments, chaos or any  event with a happy heart.

I know I am at peace with myself. I am the best wife I can be. I have been the best mother I know how.

I have raised 3 wonderful sons who now have families of their own. I see how responsible, how positive and how light hearted they are in their everyday life. This makes me feel especially proud, knowing I helped form their lives.

Inspiration doesn’t have to be a revelation or a light that comes on inside your mind. Find inspiration in your daily life. I am grateful in the ispiration I find in being able to:

  • Watch a sunrise or sunset.
  • Listen to the sounds of nature.
  • Giggle and laugh, smile and and flirt.
  • Play ball like a child, not caring about the winning and loosing, only about the joy of the game.
  • Feel the silkiness of water flowing over stones.

Make finding inspiration a part of your journaling daily. Write down one thing during your day that inspires you. What inspires you today?

  • Is it the 4th of July picnic, the awesome fireworks display?
  • Is it friends getting together for an impromptu barbecue?
  • Or is it something as simple as knowing you are being the best role model you can be for others?

If you don’t like to write, take pictures. Lots of pictures of many different things. Pictures can be a great inspiration now and later on. You don’t have to have a fancy camera; the one on your smart phone will do. I have an older Nikon camera I use sometimes, but when I get inspired I often just have my phone with me.

  • Take images of families playing at the beach
  • Capture your dogs romping in the backyard.
  • Challenge yourself to get a picture of the bird high in a tree.
  • Zoom in on the bees buzzing around a flower.

On days when you are feeling down or stressed, take out those photos of happy times. Let the images inspire you to be the HAPPIEST YOU you can be.

You are a good mom, even with adult children. You deserve to pursue a life outside of children. I’m not necessarily talking about work, but friends and hobbies, a life you enjoy.

Sound is a great spark for inspiration. Think about when you hear a song from your past and the feelings it brings up. How do you feel when you’re enjoying an evening outside? Does the sounds of nature inspire you in some way?

  • Play music daily.
  • Listen to your favorite songs.
  • Listen to music you don’t normally listen to- classical, country, hip, or maybe christian inspiration.
  • Take a walk and tune into the sounds of nature – the sound of the leaves gently whistling, the birds singing to each other, the whisper of tall grass as blows int he wind.

Today is a great day to people watch. If you are at a beach or park, spend time observing others. Is their laughter and joy among them? Does it inspire you to find more joy and ways to laugh in your own life?

The tiniest thing can inspire you to change or do something. Maybe it is just by watching a mother tenderly care for her toddler who has fallen in the sand. Or the father whose patiently teaching his kids to throw a baseball.

As I sat with my cup of tea and the sky slowly changing from night to a glorious new day, I know that my life is complete. I may not have everything or done everything I want (yet) but my soul is at peace with who I am. This new stage of life is just the beginning of growing deeper into my soul allowing me to be happy with myself.

No matter what inspires your gratitude today, enjoy a relaxing moment.

Hugs 🙂


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  1. I enjoy watching the sunrise and the sunset. I also like listening to Christian music. On my daily walks, I often look around and am thankful for the beauty around me.

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